The Road Network Planning Division

The Division’s key function is planning for development and maintenance of all roads under the Roads Directorate jurisdiction. The Division also prepares proposals and designs for construction and upgrading of roads, prepares strategic road network development plans and implement road maintenance programs.

The Road Network Planning Division is tasked with monitoring road conditions on any road and securing, determining as well as recommending declaration of corridors for road network as selected development areas. The division also ensures mitigation of negative environmental impacts from road construction and ensures rehabilitation of affected areas, in accordance with environmental guidelines
The division is made up of three (3) sections namely, Road Network Planning, Survey and Design, Environment and Safety.

Road Network Planning Section

This section comprises Road Network Systems Unit, Geographic Information system Unit, Research and Statistics Unit. Functions of the Road Network Planning Section are to control, manage and monitor road network systems which include but not limited to Lesotho Road Management System and Geographic Information Systems. It is responsible for preparing short, medium and long-term road network development and maintenance program and project proposals for submission to Government and donor agencies. Its other functions are preparation of baseline surveys and impact assessments on each road, collection of field data relating to regular traffic counts to inform road planning and design. The section also carries out roads and bridges inventory and their conditions survey data and records historically relevant data for each road and bridge.

Survey and Design Section

The role of the Survey and Design Section is to maintain the technical aspects of design of the Roads Directorate capital development projects, manage surveys and collection of data to enable detailed bridge and roads designs as well as to establish and update bridge and road design standards including Standard Technical Specification in line with SADC and national standards. The Section also ensures that all works are executed according to specification, quantity, quality and financial obligations. The section’s other functions are to monitor the design of roads for both in-house and through consultants in adherence with RD Standards and Specifications and also reviewing designs undertaken by Local Government roads authorities and consultants to ensure compliance with all standards. It also ensures road safety audits are carried out on all roads and road safety features including road signs and markings are incorporated.

Environment and Safety Section

The main function of this section is valuation of properties for compensation and resettlement, environmental management, social and health related issues in construction projects. The section administers all Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) aspects of the Directorate’s development and maintenance projects in collaboration with other relevant sections of the organization. It is also tasked with ensuring that Procedures and Standards on Land Acquisition and Resettlement are adopted, maintained and applied on all the Directorate’s current development and maintenance projects, while monitoring long-term, cumulative environmental impacts and mitigation.
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