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Project Status End Date Contractor Contract Amount
Road B44 Mt.Moorosi-Mphaki
ongoing 06/12/2022 Thadleson Construction 945,498.13
Road D1032 Selomo- Tsime
ongoing 06/12/2022 Sky Building 8,296,782.32
Road B28 Seaka -Ketane
ongoing 06/12/2022 GL Lejakane 9,286,881.69
Regravelling of Omo-Lihlookong
ongoing 30/11/2022 Roads Directorate 5,112,961.00
Routine Maintenace of B801 Sebothoane-Qoqolosing (Unpaved)
ongoing 31/08/2022 MM Building Construction 0.00
Meriting and Mondea Road
ongoing 09/01/2021 Mofoneso Construction Drilling and Blasting and Selprocon and Charib Joint Venture 2,634,124.28
Lipelaneng River Crossing
ongoing 01/01/1970 Barb-Stev Energy Solutions 3,881,221.28
ongoing 01/01/1970 Sylvester Road Plant and Transport Hire 6,000,000.00
Kota mini bridge
ongoing 01/01/1970 TRHM/ PEMAHN Joint Venture 6,717,789.90
Teya-teyaneng River Crossing
ongoing 21/10/2021 Mops Civil Contractors 5,161,280.38
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